Australian Constitution and Separation of Powers


Help your students understand the Australian Constitution and the separation of powers with this fun activity.


Grade 6/7 HASS – Australian Civics and Citizenship
Both Print and Digital copies are included for face-to-face or distance learning.
Designed especially for the Australian Curriculum for Grades 6 or 7 HASS – Civics and Citizenship.
Teaching your students about the Constitution and Separation of Powers can be tricky! This activity is the perfect resource to make teaching this topic, as part of your Civics and Citizenship unit, easy. To ensure you have everything you need we’ve included both a print AND digital activity so it’s perfect for 1:1 classrooms or distance learning.
It’s simple to use, fun and engaging and will help students to understand the following concepts:
★ The Australian Constitution – The birth certificate of a new nation
★ The Separation of Powers
★ The roles and responsibilities of The Parliament
★ The roles and responsibilities of The Executive
★ The roles and responsibilities of The Judiciary
★ Changing the Constitution via Referendum
This resource is aligned with the Australian Curriculum content descriptor to complement your teaching of Federation and the key figures, events and ideas that led to Australia’s Federation and constitution (ACHASSK134). Also, it illustrates the key intuitions of Australia’s democratic system of government and how it is based on the Westminster system (ACHASSK143).

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This handy video shows how to assemble the Australian Constitution Flip Book and is an ideal tool to show your students.

Aussie Star Resources Australian Constitution Flip Book from Aussie Star Resources on Vimeo.


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