Australian Democracy – A Role-Play lesson In Democratic Values


This highly interactive and engaging lesson will help your students gain an understanding of democracy, democratic values and their importance in the classroom, the community and globally.


Democracy and civil rights can be a difficult subject for Australian students to understand, after all, it’s all most of them have known their whole lives.

Help your students to develop an understanding of democracy and the values that underpin it by appointing one of their own as Ruler for the day! By experiencing first hand what it would be like to live in a non-democratic state, they will quickly learn to identify the values and ideas that are the foundation of living in a democracy. I have used this activity in my own classroom several times and it is a fun and effective way to teach this tricky topic. Watch out though it might just cause a revolution!

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What’s in this resource?

In this pack you will find the following to help you plan and implement your lesson:
* A letter of appointment for your King/Queen (your Ruler)
* Classroom laws template
* A Royal Decree for students
* Reflection brainstorming sheet
* Was it fair?’ Q&A and sorting activity
* What would I do worksheet
* 16 discussion prompt cards
* Crown and ribbon template to help get your Ruler in character

Australian Curriculum Links

This lesson and its activities have been created to help you meet the Australian Curriculum achievement standard outcome for Year 5 requiring that students “identify the importance of values and processes to Australia’s democracy” by helping them to develop an understanding of the importance of democracy firsthand. Content descriptor ACHASSK115 requires that students are able to discuss the meaning and importance of the key values of Australian democracy and consider how they apply those values in familiar contexts. (ACARA 2017)

This product is part of our Experiences of Democracy Bundle which features all of our Australian Democracy resources in one discounted set.

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