Australian Democracy – What is Democracy? Sorting Activity


This resource is great fun! This Australian democracy sorting activity is designed to help students compare scenarios and sort them into democratic and non-democratic categories.


It can be tricky for children to understand the concept of democracy. This hands-on sorting activity is great fun and engaging and is the perfect complement to your HASS Civics and Citizenship lesson.
In order to explore the experiences of Australian democracy as outlined in the HASS Australian Curriculum (ACHASSK135) students must first have a basic understanding of what democracy is and how it relates to their own lives. Comparing, contrasting and discussing a variety of democratic and non-democratic scenarios is an excellent way for students to connect with this tricky topic.
In this Australian Civics and Citizenship activity, you’ll find everything you need including a detailed lesson plan, printable pages and answers to make marking a breeze.
This activity is designed to help students to compare simple scenarios and sort them into democratic and non-democratic categories. This activity is a great way to check prior knowledge and generate discussion on systems of government, what life is like for people who live in non-democratic countries and to explore how they compare to life in Australia as a democratic nation. Once students have a grasp of the basic concept they are able to relate to the experiences of Australian democracy for Aboriginal Australians, migrants and women.

**This resource has been updated to include a printable AND digital version that can be used on any device via Google Slides, Powerpoint, SeeSaw and other online learning platforms.**

This activity can be taught as a stand-alone lesson but to really engage students in the concept of democracy we suggest following up with our When I Ruled The School – A Role-Play Lesson in Democratic Values to give your students and deeper understanding and genuine appreciation of democracy.
Check out this resource in action here:

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