Australian Federation – Henry Parkes Cloze Activity


Introduce your class to Henry Parkes, the ‘Father of Federation’ with this fun hands-on activity in both print and digital format.

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Each of these resources is aligned to the Australian Curriculum. They are also fun and interactive! Australian Federation is an important history topic but can sometimes be a bit ‘dry’, these resources aim to make learning about our important history more engaging and involve the students more than just a standard worksheet.


Federation doesn’t have to be a dull topic! Bring your HASS lessons to life and introduce your students to Henry Parkes with hands-on and engaging activities.

This age-appropriate and curriculum-aligned activity allows your students to refine their research skills and explore the life and experiences of this influential historical figure. Students can use the internet or texts to research and locate reliable information about Sir Henry Parkes and select the correct word from the list provided.

This activity is the perfect complement to your HASS Australian Federation unit and links to the Australian Curriculum descriptors for Year 6:

  • Students will be able to identify the key figures, events and ideas that led to Australia’s Federation and constitution (ACHASSK134).
  • Students use the internet or texts to research and locate reliable information about Henry Parkes. (ACHASSI123)

This is a simple but engaging single lesson activity. Answers are included to make marking easy and to save you time.

This resource has been updated to include a printable AND digital version that can be used on any device via Google Slides, Powerpoint, SeeSaw and other online learning platforms.

Check out this video to see this resource in action.

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