Australian Federation – Henry Parkes


Introduce your class to Henry Parkes the ‘Father of federation’.


Henry Parkes, the ‘Father of Federation’

This is a cloze activity allowing students to complete the passage about Henry Parkes by choosing the correct words on the list provided to fill in the blank spaces. Students can then add the book cover to complete their worksheet. Both sheets need to be trimmed around the grey outline. The text sheet is glued down entirely and the top cover is folded and glued on top on the left side. Students may be able to do this on their own or could use the internet to research the correct answers.

This product has been designed to complement your Australian History lessons while studying Australian Federation and the key figures, events and ideas that led to Australia’s Federation and constitution (ACHASSK134).
Students may use the internet or texts to research and locate reliable information about Sir Henry Parkes (ACHASSI123).


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Year 5, Year 6, Year 7



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HASS, History


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