Australian Federation Reasons For and Against


Discuss and explore the reasons for and against Australia’s Federation with your students and create a fun foldable activity to explain these reasons.


Generate class discussion and explore the ideas and arguments for Federation in Australia with your Year 6 HASS -Australian History Class

This is a great interactive activity to help students explore the various arguments and points of view in the decision making for Australian Federation. (ACHASSK134) It could be used during class discussion/exploration into the reasons for and against OR it could be used as an assessment task.

Students sort statements “For” and “Against” Federation and use the templates enclosed to complete a foldable activity to show their understanding.

Everything you need is included in this file including answers.

Exploring Federation can be a bit “dry” but by making it interactive and creating interesting and engaging activities I hope to help both teachers and students enjoy this important Australian History topic!

Click here to download the preview.

Australian Curriculum Content? Consider it done!

You can tick off the following Curriculum descriptors!

✓ ACHASSK134 – Key figures, events and ideas that led to Australia’s Federation and Constitution

✓ ACHASSI127 – Examine different viewpoints on actions, events, issues and phenomena in the past and present.

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Year 5, Year 6, Year 7



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Assessments, Unit of work, Worksheets


Civics and Citizenship, HASS, History



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