Australian Gold Rush Eureka Stockade – Show Us Yer Licence! Game


Bring the Eureka Stockade and life on the goldfields to life in your classroom!


Bring the Eureka Stockade and life on the goldfields to life in your classroom!

The power of role-play should not be underestimated – even in the upper primary grades.

The Australian Curriculum requires that Year 5 students develop a historical understanding of colonial Australian life, the events that shaped the development of colonies and the reasons for those events. They are also required to investigate how these events impacted Australia’s political and economic landscape and contributed to the Australia we know today. It can be difficult for students to understand why the gold diggers were so frustrated with their lack of rights and representation on the goldfields.

This game has been designed to bring the frustrations of people living on the goldfields to life! They will take on a character and try to earn money and save it all while battling bushrangers, corrupt troopers and the everyday challenges of living on the goldfields. Look out though! Things might get pretty heated! 

Each student will take on a character

They will each receive a player profile card and Miner’s Right (or Licence)

  • Gold Digger
  • Trooper
  • Bushranger
  • Chinese Miner
  • Doctor
  • Banker
  • Cook
  • Blacksmith

Most students will be Diggers.

Everything you need is in this resource. It’s easy to set up and great fun to play.

  • There are 60 game cards in total. Students draw cards randomly from a deck or hat and read it out. Each card has a task for one or more characters. Perhaps they’ll buy new tools from the Blacksmith, find gold, be robbed by a Bushranger or maybe the Troopers will try and bribe them so they don’t go to gaol.
  • Students are given cash at the start of the game and can earn more throughout the game.
  • Every transaction they make is recorded on the Personal Balance Sheet to track how much they’re earning and saving along the way. This is a great opportunity to integrate it with your maths program.
  • As your students begin to realise they’re struggling to get ahead things can get tense!
  • At the end of the game (when all the cards have been drawn) your students are given an opportunity to reflect and discuss their experience and how it has changed their understanding of how life on the goldfields and the frustrations of those living there led to the Eureka Stockade.
  • We’ve included detailed instructions to get you started.

During the game, students will develop their understanding of a historical event and practice their mental arithmetic by adding and subtracting both positive and negative numbers.

Everything you need to play the game is included in this product.

This fun and engaging activity aligns with the following Australian Curriculum content descriptors:
♦ Examine different viewpoints on actions, events, issues and phenomena in the past and present (ACHASSI099)
♦ The impact of a significant development or event on an Australian colony (ACHASSK108)
♦ Work in groups to generate responses to issues and challenges (ACHASSI102)
♦ Use efficient mental and written strategies and apply appropriate digital technologies to solve problems (ACMNA291)


What other teachers have said about our Eureka Stockade game:

“Great resource! My Grade 5s LOOOOOOOVED it.” Miss P

“The yells of “That’s unfair!” came thick and fast during this game. It made them really understand the different perspectives. Great resource! Thanks!” Miss Danielle

“Thanks for such a fantastic resource. It’s a welcome addition to my gold rush programme. It is such a hard concept to teach, and this makes it easier” Miss Sara

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