Business and Economics Assessment – Economics Expo Project Planner


This Year 5 Business and Economics differentiated assessment task is the perfect conclusion to your HASS unit.


This Year 5 Business and Economics assessment task is the perfect conclusion to your HASS unit.

Planning and marking projects can be time-consuming but you don’t need to worry because everything you need is right here!

This project planner provides for differentiation in your assessment task by allowing students to create a project and presentation for the class Economics Expo using their individual strengths and talents. While students are able to create individual presentations they all have the same objective – to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the following economic inquiry questions:

  • Why do I have to make choices as a consumer? (ACHASSK119)
  • What influences the decisions I make? (ACHASSK120)
  • What can I do to make informed decisions? (ACHASSK121)

What’s included with this product? Aussie Star Resources aim to save you time by providing everything you need.

23 page student project planner booklet consisting of

♦ Cover

♦ Introduction

♦ Project brief

♦ Ideas for differentiation

♦ Group work discussion points

♦ Brainstorming page “What I already know and what I’d like to know”

♦ Assessment rubric and explanation for students

♦ Lined pages for student research

♦ Using reliable internet sources and keywords recording sheets

♦ Diagram and materials page

♦ Group work roles and responsibilities

♦ Self-reflection and evaluation

♦ Expo Gallery to glue photos in

♦ Invitation/poster in two versions – one that can be coloured-in or a colour version to print and go!


Please click here to download the preview to get a more detailed look at the Economic Expo Planning booklet.


Looking for Australian Curriculum Content? We’ve got you covered!

  1. ACHASSK119 – explaining reasons for differences in needs and wants for different groups
  2. ACHASSK120 – types of resources (natural, human, capital) and the ways societies use them to satisfy the needs and wants of present and future generations
  3. ACHASSK121 – explore the strategies that can be used when making consumer and financial decisions
  4. ACHASSI105 – Present ideas, findings, viewpoints and conclusions in a range of texts and modes that incorporate source materials, digital and non-digital representations and discipline-specific terms and convention

This lesson activity is included in our Year 5 Business and Economics Complete Unit which features everything you need including a detailed unit plan, lesson plans, activities, posters and assessment activities. Click here to check it out.

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